The Four Children of Hades

Following the fall of Olympus and the decimation of the Greek Gods, this story focuses on the four children of Hades – Zag/Plutus/Maki and Mel – as they are chased by the Titans through a portal in time to the modern world. Their aim is to go back in time and save their father Hades from the clutches of Hell.

The General

Zagreus, or Zak, firstborn of Hades, and a figure carved from the dark tapestry of Hades’ domain. Zagreus, the disunion of the Underworld converged – he was a beacon of light in the realm of shadows, a bringer of life to the land of the dead. In him, the legacy of Hades was both honored and transcended, a living testament to the eternal cycle of death and rebirth.

The Empress

Melinoe, or Mel, was the second spawn of Hades and Persephone’s love. Her seductive charm was her most potent weapon, and she wielded it with ruthless finesse, using it as a lure for both gods and mortals alike.


Macaria, known as Maki, was the third born of Hades. She was the embodiment of an ancient tragedy. A paradox of divine grace and soul- melancholy. Her grace was the guardian of the final threshold, she was the tender hand that guided souls to the realms of eternal peace.

The Fool

Plutus, given the nickname Rich for his allure of golden opulence. His was a youthful visage, seemingly untouched by the ravages of time, a mask of boyish innocence that belied the bitter heart within. Though overwhelmed by greed, his trajectory never faltered from victory over his foes.