Where the story begins…

Coming of the White Man

In the heart of West Africa, where whispers of ancient spirits mingled freely with the rustling leaves. KwaKwa village stood on the brink of change. A tempest arrived in the form of the first white human, with foreign ways, bearing the promise of salvation from an encroaching pestilence.

King Kwang and the Pestilence

At the center of it all stood Nyan, draped in mystic garments and adorned with feathers and bones. His eyes gleamed with sinister intent, and his gnarled fingers traced the contours of an ancient dark practice passed down through generations.
With eyes ablaze with suspicion, the witch doctor, Nyan accused “the Oyibo” of leaving a curse that brought the affliction upon the people.

The Talisman and Iyabode

Iyabode’s world was turned upside down when Nyan spread the false dark prophecy convincing King Kwang it was the only way to appease the gods of the great calamity befalling the village—a calamity that could only be averted by the sacrifice of her blood.

She had been sentenced to death, a fate she never imagined would befall her. Framed by wicked Nyan, her life had unraveled like a thread pulled loose from its fabric.

Ray meets King Kwang

As he stood before the king, a mixture of determination and fear sat on his face. King Kwang was always welcoming. He was always happy to see the villagers who sought his presence.
On seeing Ray, on one hand he was glad to see the boy, on the other he was sorrowful due to his mother’s dire situation that had haunted him and his elders all this while.