Chronicles of the Greek Gods

A series of educational books that cover all of Greek Mythology. From who the Gods and Titans were, what were their stories, to ancient myths and tales. This multi volume series spans across the mythology to educate you on the rich history of the Greek Gods.
Volume I
Acting as an introduction to the mythology, Volume I is a short eBook that helps you discover the mythology. It touches briefly on both major and minor gods, as well some of the major Titans.
Volume II
The Olympian Gods, beings most of us already know and love. But how much do you really know about them? Volume II of the Chronicles goes deeper into the Olympians, introducing readers to some of the lesser known gods, as well as educating them on the familiar ones.
Volume III
There is a darker side to Greek Mythology. One that isn’t talked about as often as Zeus’ lightning bolt. Volume III of the Chronicles goes into the gritty, monstrous side of the mythology.

‘Even gods shall fall, and in their death, the resurrection of a new age beckons.’

— The Four Children of Hades, Chapter 1