About Us

From a children's tale to a real estate book, and finally an expansive fantasy series on Greek mythology, Jetroe Media was formed.

We are Writers, Editors, Videographers, Photogrpahers, and everything in between.

We are Artist.

The Writing Team

Jetroe Media is home to many talented writers that operate under the pen name of Blake C. Britt. These creatives harness their rich imaginations and artistic flair to master a wide array of genres and writing styles, engaging a diverse audience. Whether spinning intricate fantasy tales or crafting persuasive, compelling copy for businesses, our writers excel at transforming ideas into captivating narratives.

Content Creation Powerhouse

We are artists at heart, and all artists are content creators. The world is shifting to an all digital age, and Jetroe Media is at the forefront of it all, with our creators using the latest in generative technology to produce the high quality content for brands, events, and even other content creators.

Jetroe Media

Where Art Meets Technology